2263 Super Loop Slings in two weeks.

E-Lift workshop working under extreme pressure were asked to put out over 2200 hand spliced, steel ferruled Super Loop slings in two weeks.  And we did it; four experienced rope splicers worked 8 hours a day for just over two weeks splicing super loop eyes for SWR slings ranging from 10 to 20mm and of various lengths to boot. We are extremely proud of the dedication and skill our workers displayed, and ultimately delivered when the


situation called for commitment. Even our drivers pitched in at times cutting and coiling slings. As result E-Lift was able to deliver on time and displayed our capability of producing a highly skilled Lifting Application Products that in all probability cannot be matched by our rivals.

Charl Engelbrecht has maintained throughout that E-Lift can compete on any level in an industry that has been under pressure due to economic stagnation for a while now. He also indicated that the company will reward this factory effort and accomplishment accordingly.